Softagram Cloud

Softagram Cloud

Speed up your pull request reviews with automation. Learn and present software architecture and architectural changes in visual format. Softagram boosts new developers learning curve and encourages them to work with better confidence. Automated arhitechture violation checks reduces broken builds and technical debt, and frees lead developers from reviewing every merge. Softagram brings transparency and automation to your software development process, it is a DevOps solution for continuous monitoring and analyzis of code and code changes

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Plan feature

  • #1 Your software asset analysed in secured cloud environment, up to 10 Million LOC.
  • #2 Development History, SW-Architecture, Dependencies, Tens of KPI’s visualised.
  • #3 Fully automated SW-Architecture Documentation, Updated Every Day!
  • #4 Automated pull request analysis and visualization for Bitbucket/GitHub/VSTS,TFS,Azure Cloud/Gitlab....
  • #5 Always up-to-date software versions with new features.
  • #6 Support and Help over chat or emails.
  • #7 Unlimited pull request reviews and User access to the model
    • High level Architecture visualisation.
    • Full Dependency Views from repository level down to function level.
    • Heat maps overlaid to your SW-Architecture with Change history, Fix-to-Change ratio, User Density, etc.
    • Intuitive search throughout the whole SW-Asset (files, functions, classes, users, commits, bug fixes, large files, changes during last week…)
    • Export and Share your findings and change needs in all common formats.
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