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Softagram Open Source analytics allows fast learning and studying of tens of open source codebases in intuitive browsable visual model. Check out our example video usitilizing Netflix codebase!

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Open Source, Code Visualization Use Cases

Avesome learning platform for new contributors

Pre-active planning, see the impact of the desired change

Common visual review and refactoring platform

Provides automated visual analytics for pull requests

Softagram Analytics for Open Source Projects

  • #1 Full graphical and navigable presentation of the complete software architecture
  • #2 Realtime, Daily or Weekly updates
  • #3 Maintained by Softagram
  • #4 Access to anyone
  • #5 Automated Pull Request reports

*Request new OSS project to be added to our OSS Cloud by chat. Request Pull Request report activation from the github repository owner.


What our community gains by activating impact reports?

It makes PR (Pull Request) reviews much faster by visual overview of it. Reviewers will get the understanding the scope in 5 seconds and understand the architecture changes less than a minute.

"Impact view" shows the directly impacted elements, information that won't be seen in the diff at all!

Additionally the codebase quality is improved by automatic and visual way to detect unwanted new dependency. Transparency of the changes makes the architecture stay clean and code more maintainable. It allows new contributors to gain system level understanding much fastern than by reading the code.

How long it takes to have the report after the pull request creation?

Depending of the project size. e.g. project with some tens of thousands of lines, it will be in matter of seconds, and the ones with millions of lines it might take minutes to tens of minutes

Can I stop receiving the impact report in pull requests?

Yes, by simply disabling the webhook any time.
Project “Automatic analysis of open source software changes” is partly EU and ELY ( ) funded and allows Softagram to participate European Union open source initiative by helping open source communities to do faster code reviews and improve the merge quality.
Leverage from EU 2014-2020
EU Fund