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Be in the same side. Speaking the same language.

Biggest pain in Software Development is related to lack of understanding and poor communications, with the common obstacle of hard code-level language and complex arhictechture.

By transforming complicated code language into organized and visualized graphs, Softagram makes it easier for all stakeholders to discuss on complex topics and share mutual understanding, which makes it convenient to manage and keep track of the work.

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Gain productivity

It requires a good understanding of the codebase and it's dependencies to come up with a good design for new features and refactoring. With Softagram informative visualisation, developers get the required understanding a lot faster. One visualization can save countless hours of grepping and reading when trying to understand the dependencies and identify the right components for new feature development or bug fixes.

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Know your code

No more manual architecture documentation. Cut the new developers on boarding time to half with always up to date visual documentation. Softagram analyses your entire codebase as a continuous process. It harvests the most important details directly from source code and creates automated reports and builds interactive visual model, representing the analysed software as a navigable map.

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Integrations to data sources such as Git and Jira bridges the implementation world to process management world. Comparison graphs can be used to highlight the areas of recent changes or pinpointing the current quality issues in colored heatmaps. When planning a new feature or a change to current design, you can come up with more accurate impact estimates based on rich and accurate data in Softagram.

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Prevent production break

Changing software may introduce unwanted and costly side-effects. Availability of dependency information allows more accurate and efficient verification and testing to address any unwanted impacts. Automated, graphical pull request reports and branch-level comparison graphs allow to spot issues, understand the changes faster and speed up the time spent for feature and code reviews dramatically!

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Sustainable development

Softagram brings transparency to software teams. Bottlenecks in software development can be easily discovered and acknowledged. Exposing architectural pain points, directs everyone to address the issues as a part of their daily work. If the software needs major refactoring, Softagram provides the key information for the basis of new design and decision making.

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Softagram Audit

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  • One time analytics of your code-base
  • Softagram Audit report (OSS, Security, Architecture)
  • Electronic browsable architecture model
  • Unlimited access to Softagram model
  • Unlimited Repositories and Git Repository Size

Softagram Cloud

Starting at

45 per month

(Single User, < 200 000 LOC)

  • Cloud Analysis for 200KLOC to 10MLOC project
  • Single user or Unlimited Users (Team plan)
  • Softagram Desktop App
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Git Repository Size

Softagram Enterprise

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  • On-premises Deployment up to unlimited sized Code Assets
  • Unlimited Users in your Organization
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Softagram Desktop App
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Git Repository Size

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