Need a Software Developer? Hire S.G! 🤓

Intro: Quiet but extremely productive Full Stack Sr. Develobot available for hire for the code reviews! 🛑 Stop wasting your developers...

octoverse small github

Top findings from GitHub Octoverse 2018

  Top findings that are cool or amazing from GitHub Octoverse 2018! 1. Size fo the community, amazing! 31 million...

How to gather understanding of a large code base

How to gather understanding of a large code base

This is a challenging task that is usually solved using inefficient approach. Large software projects are usually heterogenous and there...

Eating our own dog food

How we are using Softagram to make Softagram better? I love the term “dogfooding” and “eating one’s own dog food”....

Automatic pull request visualizations will improve your code reviews.

A couple weeks ago I opened yet another pull request to our backend codebase. It was about better cross-checks around...

PY Spider architecture visualization


Qt is a cross-platform application development framework for desktop, embedded and mobile.

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