Fixing pull request process – How Softagram is doing it

Save your time and use Softagram automated pull request visualization.

Statistics show around half a million pull request are made every day worldwide; the number is growing dramatically. Traditionally, developers spend many hours to understand the code differences. However, you will be saving your time and efforts by using Softagram visualization for your impact reports. Instead of spending hours reading endless lines of codes to understand the difference, you can get a visualized view right after the pull request is created. Softagram visual overview shows all changed elements and dependencies in one diagram. In a few seconds, you will be having a full illustration of the pull request.  In addition to changed dependency view, Softagram reports also include the impact view, that includes the knowledge which is not included in the file diff view at all. It shows the directly impacted components in that change. Add Softagram automated visualization to your impact report and reduce the review time. Softagram guarantees an increasing review quality! Please see the video below illustrating how you can improve your pull request process by adding analytics and automated visualization as part of the process! You can try this for free today in our cloud HERE!  If you want to run the system on-premise, leave your information below and we get back to you with the steps to go forward.   

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