Meet Softagram at Atlassian Summit 2018, Barcelona

Ville Laitila on July 24, 2018
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Softagram is present again at Atlassian Summit. 
Our focus is to improve your DevOps process by providing fully integrated pull request reports to Bitbucket (Server or Cloud) environment. Softagram integrates to Atlassian Bitbucket to analyze your codebase, change history, commits and pull requests and provides always up-to-date visualizations to speed your review, architectural planning, and troubleshooting processes. With Jira integration, you can easily review how certain issue or feature have been implemented in your codebase.
Softagram is a solution provider to boost software development process by automation and visualization. The solution analyzes the entire codebase as a continuous process, providing visual reports and navigable architecture view to empower developers system understanding. With our solution, you don’t have to use countless hours to read the code but can see the overview of e.g. pull request change in a few seconds. See here steps see an explanation video below:

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