Softagram Expands to GitLab Merge Request Automation

Ville Laitila on February 28, 2019

Press Release: With Visual Analysis, this Startup is Changing the Way Code is Seen

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(February 21st, 2019) – Softagram, a startup focusing on helping developers’ everyday life by automated visualization of code, is expanding its support to GitLab after successful integrations to Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Bitbucket customers. The software analysis and visualization solution comes with an interactive and user-friendly app.

Smart software development with automation and transparency is the new way to code. Softagram is making things easier and visual with its unique approach that changes the pull request process by providing machine created, but human-readable visualization of the code and code change. Instead of reading hundreds of lines of text, the review is now possible to start with one simple picture.

With Softagram, developers can “see” the big picture and avoid getting lost in the maze of coding lines. They can focus on the code, understand better and thus better manage the project. The benefits of this approach are multiple: it saves time, superpowers the team, brings fast and visual code reviews, and minimizes time spent on manual documentation. For team managers, it dramatically increases team productivity and offers visibility to codebase quality and history.

GitLab Merge Request Automation Example
Example analysis of merge request, Softagram Impact Report seen in GitLab Discussion flow

Ville Laitila, CTO, and founder of Softagram, explains that the first time the pull request reviewer can first focus on the most important matter. “Reviewers can see in one picture if the implementation is done to correct location, utilizing correct internal and external elements, and not violating any dependency rules. Softagram gives that understanding, instead of using a lot of time on reading the code to understand what is going on.”

Tommi Tallgren, CEO of Softagram, “The pull request process is a new global standard. Roughly 100,000,000 pull requests were created during the last 12 months, an over 40% YoY growth!”

This explains the company’s focus on pull request automation. “If you just consider that 2 peer developers are reviewing every pull request, it adds up close to one million reviews done every work day! We are not only improving the quality of merges, but are able to cut significant time from the reviews by automated visualization of the change and its impact,” says Tommi.

Softagram now provides seamless integration to GitLab merge request. Reports appear automatically to the discussion flow right after the merge request is done. GitLab cloud can be taken into use with a free trial at: An enterprise solution is available for GitLab enterprise customers. Similar functionalities have been already available for GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket and Azure DevOps (including TFS/VSTS environments).


About Softagram

Founded after spinning off from a Fortune 500 company, Softagram provides an automated solution to analyze and visualize code. Full automation for pull request analysis with a visual report is available as a cloud or as an on-premises solution. Softagram also provides a desktop application for source-code browsing in graphical format, it improves code-learning, communication of changes and software architecture refactoring work. For more information, please visit:

Example video for pull/merge request integrations:

GitLab pull request example

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Phone: +358 44 2310 343
Country: Finland

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