Steps towards AI driven code reviews.

Ville Laitila on May 16, 2019


AI code reviews, what are the steps towards it?

Processing the visual information by the human brain The first step to utilize AI is to visualize your data. Softagram visualizes your massive software development data, including code base and history and much more.  So, it means that 👉 Softagram is an AI platform?

No, we won’t say quite that (yet). Although we use e.g ML techniques to deepen our analytics when combining human textual input to our code visualization. However, we already now help our customers to understand ever-increasing codebase (textual data) by visualizing it. Softagram is a unique provider to handle millions and tens of millions of lines of code and provide a navigable map of it to remove any understanding problems your organization might have. That is the first step.

We are implementing real AI for you, together with our customers and AI partners.

Our focus is to lead the path for AI-assisted software development. The second step is to provide deeper intelligence for code reviews, like pull/merge requests. Providing insights for every developer, that won’t be humanly possible. AI, however, can handle the 10 years of history and 10 million lines of code you are changing. If you need less broken builds and faster code reviews, be part of this journey!

Check how we add the second step of AI code review  NOW from the video below:



Next steps will be to increase the valuable insights with automated actions (e.g. create an issue based on the knowledge found from e.g. pull request review) Eventually (or before the AI will do the coding too), 90% of the reviews can be accepted by AI, and you can concentrate on creating new code.  

You can be part of the future and see the AI given advantages for your pull requests! Try out with your code in our cloud or contact Softagram for an on-premise installation by filling out the form below:


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