Visualising Open Source License Usage

vlaitila on February 28, 2017

Risk due un-known situation

Open source software has many times forced companies to publish their proprietary software as open source. Your software can be also contaminated by open source that should not be there simply by mistake. Softagram allows to easily visualise open source license usage, and these kind of errors can be prevented. By utilising Softagram you’ll enable your legal people also have system understanding and  it creates more efficient communications between legal people and developers. See below example (QT open source codebase) of  how Softagram manage license risks by visualising the usage. Models, files and repositories can be illustrated by what kind of an open source license(s) are used in them for quick check.   Sometimes it also makes sense to see how they specific licensed files are depending to each other. Softagram visualises the dependencies with overlay of open source license usage as in screenshot example below.   OSS License information is part of Softagram continuous analytics offering. Larger and expert made OSS utilisation report is also part of Softagram Audit for customers who would like to get one-time view of their open source issues in their codebase.  
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