Need a Software Developer? Hire S.G! 🤓

Ville Laitila on December 19, 2018


Quiet but extremely productive Full Stack Sr. Develobot available for hire for the code reviews! 🛑 Stop wasting your developers time in code reviews – let S.G. do the hard work for them!

💎 Qualifications:

  • S.G. knows C, C++, C#, Java, JS, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Objective C, and some Scala, Kotlin, and Golang
  • S.G. learns all your code in and out already on the first day (up to big sizes)
  • S.G. understands it all the way from vast repositories to single small functions
  • S.G. does pre-reviews for every single pull request out there
  • The visual reports by S.G. will save hours of time from your current developers every day! ⏱
  • As a bonus, S.G. provides a browsable architecture visualization for every single repository or multi-repo project at your hands

💵 Salary:

S.G. would handle 100 developers’ code pre-reviews with less than one developer’s monthly wage. Or even cheaper if working remotely from the cloud.

🤝Hire S.G.

START NOW with the remote S.G., or contact us for on-premises work.
📣Tell your sw dev friends too; S.G. can be cloned! 🎉
Pst: S.G. works smoothly in these settings: Softagram supported pull request environment Let S.G. do the magic for free for the first 2 weeks: START NOW If you prefer on-premises, S.G. Enterprise is available! Pop up the chat below or leave your information here and we’ll get back to you asap.
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