Software Audit

Software Audit

Do you know your technical debt and how much refactoring would improve the maintainability of your codebase?

Not having a clear understanding of the codebase could cause significant problems in operations and result in economical losses. Using an impartial, independent 3rd party software audit, you are able to get clear understanding on your software assets within a week. Always do software due diligence for the asset you are about to buy!

Report in a week, starting at 3900€

With Softagram Audit, we will crunch the codebase using our powerful analytics engine that provides an easy to understand, navigable architecture model. With help of that we are able to demonstrate the architectural issues, technical debt, security and maintenance related issues and provide a clear audit report with recommendations.

This report can be used to also transfer knowledge for the new development or maintenance team.

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Example Use cases

Auditing software during acquiring SW-Company (Or selling yours)

One time audit when taking over outsourced SW development

Technical debt analysis and possible re-factoring (from monolith to modularity) succestions

Gaining faster understanding of code if team is changing, or e.g. Architect left the company

Audit Content

  • #1 Report on software maintainability, technical debts and refactoring needs.
  • #2 Full graphical presentation of the complete software architecture to be used in your team.
  • #3 Open source software usage and listings.
  • #4 Software architecture audit and recommendations.
  • #5 Security aspects report.
  • #6 Personal meetings to gather the needs and transfer the information.

*Audit is done in your premises or in our secure server utilizing Softagram Enterprise software and expert senior software developer.

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