Stop loosing your new developers time.

Ville Laitila on July 6, 2018

Visualization promotes clear understanding and boosts better co-operationNew team members usually face a challenging start. It takes a long time, up to several months to get the needed understanding of the codebase. Reading the non-ending lines of codes, to gain the same system level understanding that the team-mates. Ultimately, the code might be learned from the documentation, but often they are outdated, leading to exhibit mistakes. Therefore, if you want to speed up the new developers learning curve, you are in the right place. We will explain in this blog what Softagram is doing, and how the use of Softagram automated code visualization can help you.

What is Softagram doing?

Telling a story through visual elements is so much more effective than the textual one. Visual communication between humans is more effective than other forms of communication (text or speech). The same fact applies to software as well. The visualized code base allows users to clearly explore, and quickly understand the multiple aspects of source code. Moreover, enhancing undependability, which means that less guidance for new developers is needed than before.

Software visualization is the process of transforming thousands of textual code lines into a visual format.  Softagram is visualizing the source code into a digital map, that dramatically will improve the ability of software developers to understand code architecture, easily assign the resources for the new codebase, and speed up the learning process of the new team members. See short video below how Softagram allows exploring e.g. Netflix codebase (Millions of lines of code:)

One of the greatest advantages offered by Softagram is enabling team leaders to have a continuously updated documentation. It also saves developers time when it comes to reporting changes or needed changes. As known, it is effective to report using visual maps rather than providing overwhelming explanations or reading thousands of lines of codes. This promotes the better understanding of the code architecture among all members, and make the process of identifying any error simpler!

Automated pull request visualizations will dramatically speed the review time and give a fast understanding of the changes also for new developers. Activating Softagram to create a clear visualization of the changes before the merge allows also the creator of pull request to see the impact of the change in visual format, as well as see if the change would violate any architecture rules with un-wanted new dependencies. More about that unique use case in this post.

You can activate Softagram to analyzed your codebase for free in our cloud HERE.  If you want to run the system on-premise, leave your information below and we get back to you with the steps to go forward.

Stop losing your developers time, invest in automation and visualization today! 

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