How to feel more like SuperGuru when reviewing a pull request?

Ville Laitila on May 29, 2018

Gain system-level understanding and get it done fast!

SuperGuru_by_SoftagramIn software development, your capability to review a pull request or improve others code depends on your own understanding of the code. Ideally, you would know the codebase like you've done it yourself. That is naturally not possible when you're working on developing codebase with millions of lines of code, together with hundreds of others. 

Don't we all want to feel like a superhero now and then? 

When you are doing manual, time-consuming, error-prone work, it does NOT feel like that. A great example is reviewing a pull request. Every day, there are over half a million pull requests reviewed worldwide! Developers are spending countless hours reading others code and trying to understand the change, and how the change impacts the whole system. 

If you would know every part of the code, know every dependency, know the history of the elements; you could review the pull requests in minutes. Eventually, you could get home on time (or even a bit early), feeling productive, feeling like you are doing meaningful tasks, feeling happy!

So why not superpower yourself and every developer to feel like owning the code?

How? You can add a deep, automated analysis and visual report to every pull request. Read more from this article: What you get with automatic, visual, pull request analysis?

Some benefits are:

✅  30% faster reviews (Or more? Try it for free in Softagram Cloud )

✅ Visual impact view for the change, without spending hours on reading the code and figuring it out.

✅ No more unwanted dependencies to increase the technical debt.

You can become that guru by gaining the advantage of automation and visualization! Try out with your own pull requests in our cloud or contact Softagram for enterprise installation by filling out the form below:

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