Top findings from GitHub Octoverse 2018

Ville Laitila on October 17, 2018



Top findings that are cool or amazing from GitHub Octoverse 2018!

1. Size fo the community, amazing!

31 million developers and 8 million of them are new during the last 12 months. Biggest developers community in the universe, all time! 🎉

2. The amount of pull request, cool!

200 million pull request Github200 Million so-far! 40% YoY! Pull request is the new standard in the software development process. In GitHub alone over 70 million pull request were done during the last 12 months, that is over 300 000 per working day! (Amazing amount of review events, where Softagram could give a hand! 😉


3. Languages used, interesting

Github octoverse languagesGitHub as the biggest hub for developers is also the most interesting location to understand what are the trends with development languages. No huge changes in the top, but few remarks for the new trends. 

  • Python sticks on number 3 AND it’s also growing with 1.5x Rate! (contributor growth)
  • Huge jump from 10th to 7th place for TypeScript with 1.9 (3rd biggest) growth!
  • Ruby going down (but is it because the mainstream languages taking their place at GitHub?)
  • Kotlin!!! Not yet there in top10, but with 2.8x growth (biggest of all), it’s going to be on the list (next year?)

4. Apps, growing

33% growth on apps, 100% growth on usage, over 150 000 companies/individuals using GitHub marketplace applications to help their daily life! Softagram will be one of them next year, but already fully supporting GitHub via authentication over our own cloud service. Stay tuned and click Softagram once you see it at GitHub marketplace. 

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